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How To Choose The Perfect Finish For Your Home’s Exterior Paint?

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When you walk through the neighborhood, what’s the first thing you notice in a house? It’s the exterior, right? The exterior plays a major role in enhancing your home’s overall look and aesthetics. However, to ensure that your home’s exterior is maintained for an extended duration, it becomes essential to choose the right type of finish for your exterior paint. 

So, if you are about to hire Twinsburg Exterior Painting services, here is complete information on how you can choose the best finish for your home’s exterior paint to ensure that it stands the test of time and maintains the beauty of your home. 

Types of Exterior Paint Finishes

Before heading on with the factors to consider before choosing the perfect exterior paint finish, let’s know a bit about the types of finishes available in the market:

  • Satin finish: This finish has a low sheen and offers a subtle gloss to your exteriors, which is easy to clean and maintain. Thereby making it a perfect choice for trim and siding. 
  • Matte finish: This finish has no gloss or shine but offers a smooth and velvety appearance. It is a perfect choice for concealing the imperfections of textured surfaces or older homes. 
  • Gloss finish: This finish is the shiniest one that offers high durability and protection to the exterior paint. This finish is mainly used for accents and details like decorative elements and railings. 
  • Semi-gloss finish: This finish has a noticeable shine and is highly durable. This finish is ideal for areas that require frequent cleaning, like windows, doors, and shutters, as it is resistant to moisture and can stand well in harsh weather conditions. 

Tip: If you are choosing the exterior paint finish for the first time, it is highly suggested that you contact the experts for assistance

Key Considerations When Choosing an Exterior Paint Finish

Before hiring Twinsburg Exterior Painting services, here are some important factors you need to consider when choosing a paint finish. 

1) Maintenance: When choosing an exterior paint finish, it is essential that you first consider the maintenance factor. Consider how much you can commit to maintenance. This way, you can choose the right paint finish. For instance, matte finish requires frequent repainting, while gloss finishes are easy to clean, but imperfections readily appear. 

2) Surface condition: Before choosing an exterior paint finish, it is suggested that you must first examine the condition of your home’s exterior. If there is an uneven surface, a matte finish will help to conceal them. And if there is a smoother surface, a semi-gloss and satin finish will work. 

3) Architectural Style: Lastly, the architectural style is another factor you must consider when choosing an exterior paint finish. If you have a historic home, a satin would be your best option. And if you have a modern design home, then a semi-gloss or gloss finish could be an option.

Choosing the right exterior paint finish is a decision that must be made after carefully considering various factors. By understanding the different finish options and your particular needs, you can choose the most suitable finish for your home’s exterior. If you are new to choosing the exterior paint finish and failing to make a choice, you can consider contacting experts like Paint Medics, Inc., who specialize in fulfilling various painting needs. And if you are looking for  Twinsburg Exterior Painting services, they can be your best bet.